Suntory 'Yamazaki' Essence 2019 Volume 3: Rich Type (500ml)

Suntory Essence 2019 Blended Japanese Whisky Rich Type (500ml)

The Essence of Suntory Whisky - Volume 3

Blended Japanese Whisky Rich Type

This bottle is part of the new Suntory whisky range, The Essence of Suntory “Volume 3: Cedar Throwdown” released on October 29th, 2019. A Non-Age Statement malt and grain blended whisky aged in a cedar-head casks in Yamazaki Distillery. It is called “Rich Type” as it displays an incredible rich, smooth and fruity flavour profile thanks to the influences of the high-quality cask on the creamy, rich and slightly spicy. The Yamazaki distillery is known for producing decadent liquid with great complexity and depth, so we can guess that there’s a fair amount of the distillery’s single malt used in the creation of this brilliant expression.