Whisky Trade was established in 2020 by cousins from Adelaide, South Australia who have a passion, appreciation, and of course enjoyment for whisky. What originally began as a personal hobby acquiring a variety of different whiskies, transformed into an investment of sourcing and collecting rare whiskies.

It is illegal to privately sell alcohol in Australia. This does not leave any options when a collector is looking to trade or sell any of their whiskies.

The vision then came about to create a unique platform in Australia where there can be a seamless legal transition of whisky between any buyer and seller. Whisky Trade aims to minimise the complexity of sourcing and selling rare bottles and at a fair and equitable price to all.

Whether you are looking to build your own collection, purchase a gift, invest in rare whiskies, or purchase for consumption, we are here to help. We strive to provide customers with a platform to source and sell a wide variety of bottles from all over the world at just a simple click away.

Please enjoy your exploration responsibly.