Aberlour A’bunadh Alba (700ml)

Aberlour A’bunadh Alba  (700ml)

This is the only time A’bunadh Alba has been available outside the USA, and it’s exclusive to The Whisky Club.

In Gaelic, A’bunadh means “of the origin”, while Alba is a double reference, not only meaning “Scotland”, but pointing to the American ‘Quercus alba’, otherwise known as white oak. You can join the dots.

Just like its twin, A’bunadh Alba is released in small batches made from a range of casks of varying ages, chosen only when they’re ready. They’re married together and bottled without chill-filtration or artificial colouring, at full cask strength. Batch 003 has been bottled at a stonking 60.4% ABV - this is as close as you’ll get to tasting a dram straight from the barrel at the distillery.

The result is everything as brilliant as you’d expect from Aberlour… a big, sublimely creamy and sweet malt with tons of fruit, and notes of honey, vanilla, almonds and thick chocolate milkshake. Try it neat, or add a splash of water, it’s delicious either way and a must-have for every Aberlour fan.