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Starward Whisky Cocktail Duo - 2 x 50ml Sample

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Starward Whisky Cocktail Duo - 2 x 50ml Sample

1 x Negroni 50ml

Traditionally an Italian aperitif, ours is a distinctly Australian twist on a classic. We start with our bold, Melbourne-made whisky, aged in Australian red wine barrels. We sought out trusted local producers for our sweet vermouth and bitter orange liqueur.
Whisky Negroni is balanced yet bold. You’re hit with herbal orangey aromas before juicy orange and sour cherry floods your palate.

1 x (New) Old Fashioned 50ml

The (New) Old Fashioned bottled cocktail is a modern take on the venerable classic whisky cocktail. Crafted in collaboration with our talented bartenders and distilling team, it showcases our craft whisky in a new and exciting way. The cocktail is a harmonious blend of our Starward whisky, our house-made bitters and our very own wattleseed demerara syrup, all which come together to create an unforgettably smooth and aromatic cocktail that's guaranteed to impress.


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