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36 Short Single Malt Whisky Batch #1 - 50ml Sample

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36 Short Single Malt Whisky Batch #1 - 50ml Sample

Growing up as market gardeners, there was always a passion for the best quality produce. This same passion has now developed a fine single malt whisky.

Hand crafted, barrel aged and matured. Made with the finest Australian malted barley, with water sourced from the underground aquifer that runs directly underneath our distillery, to produce an exceptional Australian Single Malt Whiskey. Packed and protected the same way we packed our prized produce. 

Expertly distilled in our 1200 litre Copper Pot Still, ‘Pando’, then transferred to locally sourced Shiraz Barrels for a rich, peppery flavour.This was followed by further resting in Kentucky Bourbon Barrels to add complexity with smooth fruity notes and then finallyreturned to the Shiraz barrels to complete the maturation process.

The Australian climate enables an acceleration of the maturation process benefitting the flavour profile and delivering a smooth, confident taste.

A modern yet balanced whisky suitable for all occasions.


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Whisky is for the experience of drinking before anything else.

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